Management goal

Entrepreneurship oriented to the best of the best efforts

Quality management
Quality management was chosen as the focused business after 2013 Standardization of quality management

- Improvement of degree of precision of measurement
and standardization
- Implementation of systematic and continuous training
for improvements in examination ability
- Subdivision and diversification of quality management
- Securement of reliability domestically and internationally
through various certificate authentications
Ethical management
Intend to carry out common growth under fair deals with one of the mottos of the cooperation
“Honesty” as the basis.
Social contribution
Restoration program carried out since 2013 and monthly sponsor has been made for the neglected
and vulnerable people in society
Human resource management
The performance of tasks based on the authority and responsibility of each employees through the nurturing
of highly qualified professionals by job-based human resource management, and the accomplishment of
common objectives through cooperation rather than competition.

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